Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am mother to two young adults in their mid to late 20's. I work in the medical field as an admin officer/personal assistant. I look forward to the day when I can spend heaps more time taking and making photographs. However, for now, the bills have to be paid. I married a jazz musician many, many years ago. My adopted home is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am originally from North Queensland... a tropical place!

Friday, September 07, 2007

My lovely dog Bella finally reached the end of her road on Wednesday 5th September 2007. Bella came to us at age 6 months when she was found after having been dumped in the bush around Kyenton, Victoria. She was a funny looking dog who had mange when we took her into our family but she was a loyal and loving dog who made our family her own. Because we thought she was beautiful, we named her Bella.
Bella raised about five kittens and Phoebe (Febee) who came to our family when she was 6 weeks old. She was patient, kind and a good disciplinarian when needed for kittens and puppies. She never hurt anyone in her whole life.
Bella developed an aggressive cancer about a month ago which quickly took over her body regardless of what we tried to do. Bella was 16 years and a couple of months old when she was laid to rest two days ago. We all miss her so much, particularly Phoebe who keeps looking for her friend. Thanks go to all our friends who realise how much a part of our family Bella was and who have sent condolences to the whole family. RIP Bella. You are sorely missed.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Well, as you probably all know, last Tuesday, 28th August 2007, there was a luna eclipse. Unfortunately in Melbourne there was a lot of cloud cover that night. I managed to get the moon before the eclipse had started and then when the full eclipse was in motion and a few as the eclipse wanned. Here are my diarised historical efforts.