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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Travel Update Tuesday 23rd October 2012

It has been a week since I have been able to put anything up on my blog.  Having a busy schedule combined with unreliable wifi has meant my best intentions have fallen by the wayside. 

A quick dot-point update to let you know where we are at. 

*  Completed the Mekong Delta tour on Thursday 18th October.  Can Tho was flooded when we arrived Wednesday night and was flooded again Thursday morning.  Made for some interesting times getting to and from the hotel.

*  Returned to HCMC Thursday afternoon.  Had dinner and had a nap until it was time to catch the midnight bus to Dalat.  The roads in Vietnam are certainly not the best so the ride was a bit bumpy but not too bad. 

*  Arrived Dalat early morning - around 6:30am.  We were delivered to the hotel by a courtesy bus from the bus company.  Looked around Dalat while waiting for our hotel room to be ready.  Very hilly place and much, much cooler than being on the coast.  The climate, environment and people of Dalat were fantastic.  Many stories to tell about Dalat ... but not now.

*  Stayed at Dalat for 3 days/2 nights and then flew to Danang as there was no direct flight to Hue.  We arranged a private car to collect us from the Danang airport and drive us to Hue where we arrived at around midnight.  Having been up since 6am that morning, we crashed and slept very well.

*  We have been in Hue for 2 days and have one more day before catching a flight to Hanoi tomorrow (Wednesday 25th October) night at 10:10pm, arriving Hanoi at 11:15pm.  We will be taken to a hotel for the night and will be collected from there for a 2 day/1 night delux cruise of Halong Bay.  I hope the weather continues to last.  [Greg.  We have not had any rain since being in Hue!]

*  Back from Halong Bay Friday afternoon to catch the train to Lao Cai overnight (10 - 14 hours) arriving around 6:30am and then a bus to Sapa -- hopefully only another 1 - 3 hours!  We have booked at Sapa for Saturday to Monday inclusive with the option of another day if we wish.  As life has been hectic, we may well take that option to kick back and relax -- and I will be able to catch up with my photos!  :-)  Here's hoping anyway.

Well, that's all for now folks.  More details stories from the last week will have to wait until we return ... unless I get some time to go back over events in the coming week!  :-)

The photos below are from today at Hue.  Breakfast on the terrace of the hotel enables some wonderful river scenes.  We did a full day tour of The Citadel - the enclosure for the home of emporers.  Enjoy.

Early morning on the Perfume River, Hue

Entrance gates to the emporer's palace and temple.

One of the many decorative and protective features on the buildings throughout The Citadel complex.

The emporer's mother-in-laws place!  Pretty spectatular hey?

One of the many, many sensational and elaborate gates in The Citadel complex.

And one for Debbie - a very disgruntled cat who was woken up by it's carer so we could take a picture!  We tried to say "leave it" but didn't get a chance.


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